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Through cultivation and fostering of personal relationships, Smolar is able to serve as a confidant, trusted coach and consultant to well-established and rising CEO’s and those who aspire to become one. Whether a business, family or personal matter, today’s CEO needs someone independent and objective to discuss, analyze and sound out his or her specific issues. Smolar maintains a high level of professionalism and integrity, and all communications are handled in strictest confidence, in full compliance with Coach-Client Privilege.

To arrange a personal meeting, please contact smolar@ceocoaching.com.

Read what one senior executive says about his coaching sessions:

“I have been coached and guided by Brad Smolar for more than six years having made huge strides ahead in my career and family life.

“I am impressed with his coaching style, the way he subtly guides me towards my goals and offers support during the process. Brad has succeeded to help navigate my way towards solving work related issues. He often poses insightful questions which allow me to draw my own conclusions. This encourages creativity and inspires new ways to find solutions. All these years, Brad has provided emotional support as well as career guidance, especially after my last business venture went south. He helps me to move on from disappointments and learn from them. Brad has been there for me through some tense and challenging times and always ensured that should we need to take one step back, we will soon be ready to take two steps forward. In addition to our professional relationship, we have developed a strong friendship in which he has also become an exemplary role model for my children.”

Giovanni Viterale, Resident Manager, Conrad Hong Kong

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